Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Little life update #8: Alex's 21st birthday- Our little trip to London

Now uni is done and dusted for the summer (ridiculously early I know) I'm hoping to get back into blogging all the time yay. 
Easter Monday was my lovely boyfriend, Alex's 21st birthday so the weekend before was full of baking, baking and more baking! I told Alex that I would make him a chocolate birthday cake, and after a lot of stress it finally all came together and I'm pretty please with how it turned out in the end. I also made lots of cake pops- I have a recipe post, here
The day after his birthday, as my present to him, we headed off to London for lots of food, shopping and sightseeing. We stayed for three days and it was perfect. I finally fulfilled all my sightseeing wishes as I've been to London three times and didn't do anything touristy so I was longing to go on the London Eye, see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben etc. 
As a lot of the blogs I read are written by Londoners, I had all the places we had to go for food in my mind (and many lists..). We went to Wahaca, which I knew Alex would love as he is obsessed with Mexican food. Wahaca definitely did not disappoint, it was amazing. Stupidly I didn't take a photo of our Wahaca feast- we were clearly just enjoying getting stuck in haha! Alex and I are massive fans of a good burger so a trip to Byron was a must! We also visited Five Guys and both burger places were incredible. I'm drooling at the thought of the Five Guys cajun fries mmm. 
The Breakfast Club was also a must, the pancakes were incredible, however I don't think Alex was too impressed with the place as it was so so cramped he couldn't fit his legs under the table and we were so so close to the people either side of us haha! He cannot deny that the food and juice in there was way too good though.
We stayed in the Vauxhall Travelodge, which was a lovely, simple and clean hotel. It was in the perfect location for us as it was literally two minutes walk away from Vauxhall station, which was only a stop or two away from proper central London. 
We both had a really lovely few days away and we definitely want to go back soon. We both absolutely love London and would love to live there at some point, so you never know what the future holds! 

I'm not sure if anyone else enjoys reading them, but lately I've really been enjoying writing more lifestyle posts and I love reading them too. If you have a lifestyle blog, I would love it if you could leave your link in the comments so I could have read :)
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Do you have any plans for the bank holiday?


  1. Gorgeous pictures, that cake looks delicious :)
    xxx Claire

  2. Oh wow that cake is amazing, the cake pops are pretty awesome too! You should be so proud of yourself making them!
    It looks like he celebrated in style :)
    I love lifestyle blogs and mine is mainly lifestyle focused. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. Thank you lovely :) It took a lot of work so I'm glad it paid off!
      I'm really enjoying reading and writing more lifestyle posts at the moment :)


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