Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Little Life Update #7

1. Possibly the best burger I've ever tasted from Got Beef; 2. My March favourites; 3. Birthday celebrations with the boyfriend and brother; 4. Day watching Alex play rugby with my little munchkin; 5. American buttermilk pancakes are my new obsession; 6. Last night out of uni;7. Finally dyed my hair; 8. The finished result- its faded soo much since this was taken though :( ; 9. Pancake stack for brunch yum!

Hello there! I thought I'd share a little update as I've been really bad at posting so far this year. To be honest, there hasn't really been much going on in April so far apart from tackling all my last uni assignments in my month off. It's my boyfriend's 21st birthday on Easter Monday so I've been trying to knuckle down and get everything sorted before his birthday weekend but I'm seriously lacking in motivation recently. We're off to London on Tuesday for a few days which I'm really looking forward to. Before I go though I have three more assignments to do before I go back to uni on 28th April so it isn't looking good is it haha! I am the biggest procrastinator ever, it's getting a bit ridiculous now! I promised my boyfriend I would bake him a birthday cake, which seeing as I've never made a big fancy cake before is a bit scary. I'm terrified it's going to go horribly wrong and I might end up having a trip to Sainsburys early Monday morning.. I am going to be making a post on the cake if it all goes well. I've got my Mary Berry obsessed mother on my side so hopefully it will all be ok!

This weekend I'm having a little sleepover with my niece so we're planning on having an Easter egg hunt in the garden and a movie night- she has Frozen which I haven't seen yet- I must be the only person that hasn't watched this film! I think we're going to make some cake pops and Easter egg cakes too as she loves baking with me when she comes over!

What are your plans for Easter weekend?