Saturday, 29 March 2014

What I used to dye my hair- Blonde to brunette

Hello! So yesterday afternoon I was feeling daring and decided to finally bite the bullet and dye my hair brunette. I've been pretty unhappy with the colour and condition of my hair for quite some time now. I'm naturally a blondie, albeit a very dark blondie these days. By now, I think my hair would be very dark blonde almost light brown if I didn't start highlighting my hair. From what was a few subtle blonde highlights to naturally perk my hair up at around 15-16 years old, I had been gradually getting lighter as I got older. However, my hair had gone way too blonde for my complexion and bank balance to handle so I decided I would go back to the beginning again.
My natural shade is very flat and dull looking so I tried to go for something that was a bit warmer so it would be a bit more flattering. But with that being said, I was told to go for a hair dye that was a dark blonde as they come out much darker than they say on the packet- which was true so I'm glad I didn't go for the 'iced mocha' or 'chocolate' as they would have come out so dark on me, especially because my hair has been bleached loads. I was also told to steer away from shades that promised a 'golden ', 'champagne' or 'warm' dark blonde/brown result as they would make my hair go ginger- which I didn't want. A few people that I spoke to told me to get medium ash blonde or dark ash blonde, and also recommended Nice'n Easy by Clairol, so off I went to Boots and took the plunge. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now but I'm a big baby when it comes to drastic changes, especially with my hair! I bought Nice'n Easy semi permanent colour in the shade Medium Ash Blonde. My Mum was a star and applied it for me, there is no way I would have been able to do it myself as I have so much hair to cover! She used one bottle to cover my roots and the start of the mid lengths, another bottle for the lengths and another bottle to cover the ends and go over all of the hair. 

This is the shade I had before I dyed my hair.. As you can see it had gone way too brassy for my liking and my roots had become awful after only a few weeks of having highlights done because my natural colour is becoming darker as I'm getting older: 

Here's after I dyed my hair:

As I have thick hair and a lot of it, I needed 3 whole tubes of hair dye to cover the whole thing. I'm so glad I bought the 3rd one because it really made sure everything was covered. As my hair was really bleached in some places, some highlights didn't go completely dark and went a lighter shade of brown. But I do actually quite like that because it gives it a bit more dimension rather than it being one solid block colour which isn't very flattering on me. Even though I chose the Medium Ash Blonde shade, it is quite dark- for what I'm used to anyway, so I'm really glad that I didn't choose a 'brown' labelled shade! It is a warm brown and has a few subtle coppery tones in the light because of my highlights that I had to dye over- they were a mixture bleach blonde,ash blonde and some golden blonde. I really like the fact that it is quite a warm brown rather than a flat brown shade, I think if I picked up a 'golden brown' etc, it would have gone really orange-toned so I'm glad I chose the one I did. 

It really is a massive change for me as I haven't ever been this dark but I really like it and intend to stay with this shade for a long time as it will be so much cheaper than spending a ridiculous amount on highlights! I bought 2 packets for £7 in Boots which was a bargain, but they only had two left on the shelf so I had to buy one in Sainsburys which was £6 for one packet- how annoying! So definitely shop around because there's always offers on hair dye! I think this shade makes my hair look and feel much healthier and in better condition so I'm really enjoying embracing the change!

What do you think of my new hair colour? Have you dyed your hair brunette from blonde? I would love to hear your thoughts on home-dying kits!



  1. You look so amazing as a brunette! I am a natural blonde, and i would love to try going darker, but I'm worried it will make me look deathly pale -.-

    1. Thank you lovely! You should definitely just go for it! If you're going to, go for a dark blonde dye rather than brown because they go a lot darker than the packet usually! I'm quite pale so I was worried about that too, but I definitely think that changing the way you do your make-up makes a massive difference! Now I'm darker, I think I can get away with more bronzer, brighter lips etc. Just go for it! As you're blonde, it will probably fade pretty fast anyway. My hair faded soo much lighter than this picture after just one wash!


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