Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hello, 2014: new year wishes

Hello again, I know I've been a rubbish blogger these past few months with posts scattered here there and everywhere. I think 2014 is the year for me to become organised with a proper blogging schedule so I'm not disappearing for weeks on end!

As always, I've set myself a little list of new year wishes that I'm pretty sure won't succeed but this year I will try my hardest! I did actually join a gym this year which was one of my goals last year, whether I've gone every week is a different story...

For 2014 I wish to...

Start going to the gym regularly and stick to eating clean- I'm one of those people that goes through phases of going to the gym every day and eating really well for three weeks straight then I won't go to the gym and eat rubbish for the rest of the year. I know realistically it's impossible for me to go every day so I'm going to set myself a realistic target of twice a week for now and try to improve from there. I'm feeling very motivated to start eating clean again as when I do I actually enjoy it and feel a lot better in myself. Let's just hope it lasts this time..

Ditch sugar completely- I couldn't tell you how many times I've attempted to cut sugar from my diet and failed miserably. I am a sugar addict and have been since I was really young. I genuinely have mood swings and headaches if I don't consume some sort of sugar which is just not right at all. I've wanted to change this for a while as it's awful for my health and skin. I actually bought a book that helps you through a sugar detox which I'll be writing a post about so hopefully I can eventually kick this stupid sugar habit!

Be more organised- I'm a bit of an organisation freak anyway but I find that if I'm really organised with one aspect of my life, other things start to suffer. When I'm super organised with my uni work my blog suffers big time so I'm going to try and make a blogging schedule so I have time for everything. I'm going to try and write lots of draft posts when I find some free time also to make this easier for myself!

Stop wasting money- every month it pains me to see all the money I have wasted on complete rubbish that I don't need. The amount of times I see Starbucks crop onto my bank statement since I've started uni is ridiculous- having a Starbucks on campus is waaay too tempting for my liking. I'm going to attempt to only buy things I know I will get use out of and I need to stop buying clothes that I will never wear.

Do more & travel more- This summer is going to be a long one so I plan to do lots of exciting things and travel to lots of amazing places.

Starting tomorrow I promise I will be back will regularly posting reviews, favourites etc. 
What are your New Year wishes for 2014?

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