Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Autumn make-up overhaul: Eyes

Autumn is finally upon us and I am loving it. October is my favourite month and not just because of my birthday! I love adding layers to your outfits and the way outside looks so pretty. I've been having a bit of an overhaul within my make-up and wardrobe this month and have been buying quite a few bits!

I've been fancying changing up my make-up as I feel like I've been in a bit of a rut recently. That's probably due to me wanting extra sleep so leaving getting ready until the last possible minute. After buying the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette a month or so ago, I haven't really used it on my eyes that often. I've been using it for my eyebrows and sometimes a crease colour buy that's it really so I've been reaching for this more this week and I'm really enjoying it. I've been creating a few simple eye looks and I've really liked playing around with the colours. W.O.S all over the lid with Naked 2 & Faint in the crease with the matte black shade Crave along the lash line has been a favourite look of mine recently as it defines the eyes without looking too in your face that you can get with shimmery shades in the day.

As I've been trying to change up my make-up I've attempted to incorporate liquid eye liner into my routine. I've used it quite a few times when I've been going out or when I've been feeling adventurous with a lot of time on my hands to do my make-up, but I've never really worn it on a day to day basis.  I've been really enjoying using the Soap & Glory Supercat liquid eyeliner pen as it's the most easy to use one I've tried so far- by far the blackest, an easy nib and doesn't transfer unlike every other one I've tried. I always found that liquid eyeliner didn't really look right on me but after a bit of practice I've realised that a really thin line with a tiny flick suits my eye shape etc. best. But you still won't catch me wearing it everyday just yet. A liquid eyeliner pen at 8am and myself do not mix.

I've been using mascaras with plastic bristles for so long now I don't even think I own a natural bristle mascara if that's what they're called in my collection any more before I picked up the Revlon Lash Potion mascara. Admittedly it did take quite a while to get used to the change in bristles but I love using this mascara. It looks so natural and makes eyelashes huge if you apply just one coat onto curled eyelashes and can be built up quite a bit to create more a dramatic look without getting those horrendous spider like eye lashes!

The other week my boyfriend and I went to the Student Lock In event in Cardiff which was so horrendously busy and crowded making it almost impossible to enjoy shopping. So we decided to go into John Lewis so I could look in the beauty hall which was really quiet and peaceful compared to the madness occurring in the other shops! I took the time to have a little browse of the NARS counter and found myself swatching away at the eyeshadows. I've read so many reviews on the Kalahari eyeshadow duo so I finally picked it up and it is so gorgeous! I will be doing a full review next week but it is just perfect for Autumn as it has lovely warm bronze/taupe shades which are stunning!

What products have you added into your makeup bag for Autumn? 


  1. I agree that the NARS eyeshadows are gorgeous, I have a few on my Christmas list :) x

    1. They are of amazing quality aren't they! Me too, I'm after Alhambra!


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