Friday, 11 October 2013

If I was a rich girl.. The lust list

Handbag lusting

- Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel - Mulberry Medium Lily Oatmeal Micrograin Calf- Mulberry Alexa Oak Polished Buffa- Kate Spade Claremont Drive Ilana- Celine-

Ever since my mum mentioned that we're going to Bicester Village in Oxfordshire for a shopping trip on my birthday weekend I have been obsessed with lusting after designer handbags.
I've always told myself 'I will buy myself a Mulberry bag one day'. The bags just look classic, amazing quality and simply stunning. I've been obsessed with the Mulberry Alexa for a long time now and I can definitely see myself buying one in the future if I ever get the chance. I will definitely be having a little look in their outlet store but I highly doubt I will be purchasing sadly seeing as I'm on a student budget!

I've only recently had a proper look at Kate Spade handbags after hearing about them all the time. They are so gorgeous! I adore the 'pink champagne' shade and the shape of the bag itself. Although they're not exactly affordable, Kate Spade are much cheaper than Mulberry bags. There's a Kate Spade store in the outlet village so I'm really excited to see what I can find in there as they seem a bit more in reach than a Mulberry.
In the past few months it seems like Celine bags and replicas have been popping up everywhere! I love this black and white version!
I've noticed that a few of these bags are pale shades which says something as I don't actually own any bags that aren't tan or black coloured. I think on the highstreet, it's difficult to get a nude coloured bag that doesn't look tacky and cheap in my opinion. The Kate Spade and Mulberry bags that are in a nude/pink champagne shades look amazing quality. I think its safe to say I will have to restrain myself on my visit to Bicester Village!

What designer handbags have you always lusted after?

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