Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The new additions: A rambly university supplies haul

September has finally arrived which means the shelves are full of 'back to school' supplies and there will be many people feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves for their next academic year. In my opinion, the best way to be is organised. I would always feel super nervous when I was going into new important school years but I find that if you're as organised as you can be, it really is much easier! 

I love buying all my things for the year ahead especially notebooks. Is it just me or does doing work seem slightly more bearable when you have a pretty notebook to write your work in? The back to school sales that are in most supermarkets and book shops are your best friend for buying your essentials. Try not to leave it until you start because a lot of stationary is expensive and most of the time you can get it all for 50% off before school starts! 

 My favourite notebooks to write my work in whether it be essays, revision or general work is the Pukka project books. They're around £4.50 in most supermarkets etc usually but they're always on offer around this time of year! I believe I got mine for around £2 in Sainsburys due to the offers. As sad as it sounds, I've bought this particular notebook numerous times throughout sixth form and am continuing to buy it for uni as it is the best one I've found. I cannot stand notebooks that have the really thin crappy paper that you can't write essays on because they're just rubbish quality! They also have pouches in the page dividers where you can insert important pieces of paper- I used to pop the grade boundaries grid and assessment objectives in these for when I was answering past paper questions! 

I think the most important notebook to have is a planner/organiser! I know most colleges/sixth forms give you one when you start the year and I literally felt lost without mine. Most people I know used to just try and remember their homework or write it on a random piece of paper but I physcially could not do that! Every piece of work, deadline, essay, exam was written down in my planner with when it had to be done by because I knew I wouldn't remember it. Especially when you have lots of essays, coursework and the like to do at once, it can get on top of you really easily. To me, if it was written down, it was easier to manage and I could have a clearer view of what I needed to do without panicking that I forgot an important piece of coursework! Admittedly, I wasn't an angel student and I stupidly left coursework to the last minute and purposefully didn't hand things in sometimes but that's not the point!  

If your school/college etc. doesn't provide a planner/organiser, I highly reccomend you get one! I got this one from Sainsburys in the back to school offer and it cost me like £1.50! It has four pages for different timetables- this could be handy for uni students as each semester will have a different lecture/seminar timetable and also college students that have 'week A' and 'week B' or something similar. I know I would definitely forget to go to things if I didn't have it properly written down! This planner also has two pages for each week- this makes writing down work deadlines and assignments so much simpler and easy to view.

The other two floral notebooks were also from Sainsburys for around £2 in the school offer! I think they look so cute and I'm actually using the smaller one for blogging ideas but it could be used for school. I prefer taking notes in A4 sized notebooks when it comes to college/uni work because it's easier to me but when I was buying all these notebooks there was a huge selection of different sizes, patterns etc. 

I know this post is super lengthy and muddled- I seriously doubt anyone has actually sat and read it all haha but I hope I have helped someone! I'm going to be doing a series of education related posts over the next week or so, so make sure you keep a look out if you're interested. I was thinking of doing a post about sixth form and applying to university maybe? Let me know if you would be interested in anything along those lines!


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