Tuesday, 3 September 2013

August favourites

Hello! As you can probably see, this month hasn't been one for lots of amazing beauty discoveries and lots of products that I cannot put down. When I was thinking about which products I should feature in this month's favourites, I really couldn't think of much. Every product included has been very well loved this month but I can't help but think they're all just very practical and not very exciting! 

A few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and purchased the infamous Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. Although this is in my favourites, don't expect a rave review! It's really not my cup of tea in terms of eyeshadows as I feel it's a bit bland for my personal taste- I should have known really! But I have loved using Naked2 for brows and sometimes a crease colour, Faint for a crease colour and along the top and bottom lash line and sometimes Crave along the top lash line. The other shades are sitting pretty much unloved as I prefer a shimmery shade such as MAC Naked Lunch as a base colour. 

Mayebelline The Eraser Eye has been very well loved this month! The coverage and consistency of this concealer is perfect. It's creamy and light on the under-eye area -which is rare to find as I find most concealers even under-eye ones to be too heavy and cakey. The shade is a perfect match for my skin tone and although I find the sponge a slightly gross concept, it does apply it quite nicely. Saying that, I've found that applying it on the back of my hand first and then applying with a different brush a much more hygienic way to apply it.

This month I've been reintroduced to an essential for every beauty lover- eyelash curlers. The pair I had previously broke and I never thought to replace them as I didn't think I needed them. Oh how wrong I was- these little beauties from Tweezerman are the most perfect addition to my make-up tool collection and I wouldn't be without them now. They make such a difference to my eye make-up I can't believe I was ever without them. Also when I bought them they were on a Boots triple Advantage points offer, which I believe is still going- go get them!

A very practical but also neglected product for me in the past. It seems like it's the basics that tend to get overlooked the most. I never really thought to apply hand cream really, I've always kept one in my handbag but I rarely applied it. Recently after work, my hands have felt so so dry which is obviously due to washing them so often! Hand Food from Soap & Glory is the nicest hand cream I've tried and my hands feel super soft again! I've become a little bit addicted to applying this!

Another essential for me in work is Korres lip butter in Quince. This is the loveliest lip butter I have EVER tried. It is so buttery soft and leaves my lips feeling nourished for ages. It is quite pigmented and leaves a lovely subtle rosy pink sheen on the lips. I keep this in my apron in work as it's so fuss free. It makes me look like I've got something nice on my lips without having to constantly check it and reapply like I would if I was wearing lipgloss. It wears off nicely and doesn't go all yucky on the lips after a while which I find lots of lip butters do! I could ramble on forever about this lip butter so I think I'll stop now but I will be buying all of the shades asap!

What products have you been loving this month?



  1. Everyone seems to love that hand cream! it has the typical Soap and Glory smell - yummy.


  2. Bloooody hell look how much of that concealer you have used up now!!!! x

    1. I know so proud of myself hahaha!

  3. Really want to try the concealor!!

    Great post and a lovely blog!!

    Katrina X



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