Monday, 2 September 2013

A Little life update #3

I feel like I haven't properly settled back into blogging after a month or so off, despite reading blogs constantly and attempting to write up some posts. Every time I sit down and plan to write a blog post, I just feel like I don't know where to start. My motivation has definitely been having a bit of a lull so I thought I'd ease back into blogging with a little update post on where I've been and what I've been up to recently. 
As I've had so many months off from college before I start university in a few weeks, it feels like all of the months have just merged into one. I actually have no idea when I did some of these things but I know it has been in the past few weeks! 

My gorgeous little niece, Freya, has been in a lot of these update posts in the past. That would be because I'm actually obsessed with her. She is just the cutest little girl ever and I adore spending time with her. Freya is horse obsessed (so much so that she usually speaks with 'nay' at the beginning and end of each sentence haha) .. so when my friend invited us up to her farm so Frey could ride her horses I couldn't say no! She absolutely loved it and wasn't even scared in the slightest- she's only three! Obviously we held on to her the whole time and two of my friends were holding onto the horse just to be safe but the horse was so calm and lovely- I even had a ride, which was an achievement for me! 

Freya is the biggest poser I have ever met and loves taking photos. She can use an iPhone better than anyone I know and always puts the camera on, changes it to front camera and pouts haha! As you can see my little mini me and I, love having a good pout off.- just to clarify my pout is not serious, I am in no way a pouter haha! She's also addicted to make-up like her auntie! She cannot go into my bedroom without returning with painted nails- that usually match mine hehe or lipstick smothered all over her face! She took home my make-up bag without me knowing and my brother found her in her room covered in make-up giggling haha!

On August 15th, it was doomsday, also known as A- level results day. Thankfully, all went well and I am super happy because I'm going to university in a few weeks to study Educational Studies and Literacy which I've wanted to do forever! My lovely friend Hannah, her gorgeous little boy Josh and I went to town to shop and had lunch to celebrate- a lot of money was spent!

My boyfriend Alex is a very good egg and bought me lots of Disney dvds after I did my exams, so after his exam I thought I'd return the treat and bought him The Jungle Book. Whilst most people were out drinking on a Friday night, we watched a Disney film and ate lots of chocolate- I regret nothing. We also had a family meal last weekend as his brother was home- there was lots of greek food=I left with a food baby.

I cannot believe what happened in the Pretty Little Liars finale?! Obviously I'm not going to mention anything that happened because I know a lot of UK fans of the program might not have seen it but WOW is all I can say. I'm still in shock and I am devastated to say the least. If you have seen the finale episode dm me on twitter so we can discuss! Katie from Subtle Coral and I have been having major PLL crisis talks lately and I'm desperate to see the next episode so tweet me if you watch it! 

My lovely Papa turned 84 last weekend so the family went to his home to visit him along with enough fairy cakes to feed the nation. He refused to take his cowboy hat off and I had to make faces at him for ages so he would smile and poke his tongue out haha! He is so cute and I love going up to visit him and his friends because they're all so sweet!

What a rambly update that was! I'm going to write up a few posts whilst I have my motivation back so I 
 should hopefully be back tomorrow with my August favourites. What have you been up to recently? 


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