Saturday, 17 August 2013

Origins GinZing moisturiser

It feels like forever since I posted anything but I feel like I just completely lost my motivation to blog and I don't feel like I should post just for the sake of it! I've bought so much stuff recently so at the moment I'm trialling out new products ready for reviews so I don't really have many favourite products at the moment. 

So a few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and purchased my first Origins moisturizer. Although I love high end skincare, I've always been a bit wary of spending too much money and the Origins moisturizers are usually quite pricey! I was immediately drawn to this moisturiser as it claims that it is energy boosting which I definitely need as my skin is so dull especially in the mornings! 
The scent of this moisturiser is amazing! It has a delicate orange scent that isn't at all overpowering. The consistency of the moisturiser itself is absolutely perfect, especially for my combination skin. Although it would work really well on combination skin, I definitely think other skin types would benefit from this also.

 My skin is definitely lacking in hydration but it also has oily, dry and spotty areas. I find that this moisturiser sits just right on all of the latter areas on my face. It's hydrating enough for my skin yet the consistency is gel like and thin rather than a thick heavy cream which I really like! 
I love Origins itself as a brand as their ingredients are always amazing quality and natural. This moisturiser is priced at the lower end of their price range at £23 a pot. I can totally justify this for this as it will last forever as a little bit goes a long way.
I feel like applying this in the morning really does wake up and brighten my skin leaving a perfect base for makeup application. Although this moisturizer is lightweight I think that it can still be used throughout the Autumn/Winter months as it is very hydrating.

After falling in love with this moisturiser I really want to try some other products from the brand, what would you recommend?