Saturday, 2 February 2013

Shopping my stash #2

I'm trying to be a good girl and save my pennies at the moment. January always seems to drag to me and as Christmas usually brings new products, the oldies seem to get left behind. I was craving a beauty buy and although I ended up caving in the end (Dr Jart was on offer- enough said), I was pleased with some of the findings lurking, unloved in my drawers.

Beauticology Vanilla Frosting body lotion- I received this in a set for Christmas and I after a few uses I became extremely lazy with moisturising my body, as per usual. I say this all the time, but I vow to start regularly moisturising. This lotion smells amazing, it's my kind of scent- ridiculously sweet.

Benefit Coralista blush- This was my favourite blush for a long time but it was soon replaced with Nars Orgasm and Benefit Hervana. I put this on after I fancied a change and remembered how much I love it. It's such a gorgeous shade.

Bare Minerals Prime Time primer- You know when you have a sneaky look in your mum's make-up drawer and find so many things you didn't realise she had? This is how the discovery of this little sample came about. My mum isn't really into make-up but after seeing it on QVC, she purchased Bare Minerals foundation (which by the way, she has hardly used as she can't get away from her usual no7 foundation). Little to my knowledge, this little beauty came with the set my mum bought. I haven't tried this before so maybe a review will be up shortly as I don't really know what to expect from it.

Loreal Rouge Caresse in Rose- I love this shade and the formula. It was simply just pushed aside when I purchased other lip colours. This is just one of those products that you can quickly swipe on your lips without a mirror and you're certain that it looks nice. It's a lovely rosey-pink shade, which really flatters my pale skin tone.

Models Own Hedonist- I know this is quite a summer shade as it's bright, but I'm so bored of having either red, dark purple or black on my nails. I miss having a lovely bright shade on my nails so this is coming back out!

Vivo Baked Blush in Rosy- I completely forgot I even owned this blush. It gives such a gorgeous natural-rosy glow and the formula is lovely. I think I might buy the other shades in this range as they are so cheap. Although I buy a lot of blush, I seem to go through phases of wearing the same one all the time and not going back to others, which is a shame.

Blistex Lip Brillance in Blush
It doesn't say the name of the shade on the product, but I'm pretty sure it's called Blush or Blushing?... Regardless this shade is just gorgeous. It looks natural on the lips but really brightens up the face. This lasts forever on my lips and gives it the moisture it needs throughout the day.

eBay blush palette- I bought this a long time a go after reading a few reviews. To tell you the truth, I haven't actually used this at all since I bought it. *slaps wrist* I'm going to start using this as it's so versatile and the blushes seem really easy to work with from swatches I've done.

So this weekend why not go shopping in your own stash? You will probably be surprised by what you will find. I love doing this every few months so I'm not wasting products.
If you just did a 'shopping my stash' let me know what you found. 

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