Friday, 15 February 2013

Back to basics: sheer bases

As Spring is fast approaching I'm becoming more inclined to reach for lighter coverage bases. There's something about feeling fresh faced and natural that makes me feel amazing. If I'm having a good skin day that it. I really do dislike the feel of most foundations on my skin. I feel like the majority of medium-heavy coverage foundations that I've tried are way too heavy for my skin. But I've also found that lighter coverage bases don't last as long on the skin. After a long search, I've finally found
 the light coverage bases that work for me.

p.s I think it will be useful to discuss my skin type before my mini reviews of each base. My skin type is combination. I have normal cheeks and forehead, dry down my nose and oily around my nose and chin.

Dr Jart Water Fuse BB cream:

This has to be my favourite out of all the bases. I wasn't sure how the shade would look on my skin due to me being quite pale. There is only one shade in this, which disappointed me because it's a lovely product that many fairer and darker skinned ladies will miss out on. Hopefully, Dr Jart will bear this in mind and bring out a few more shades as I know many people found the shade range disappointing. This base is possibly the lightest coverage out of the three, which surprisingly didn't bother me. I find myself reaching for this the most over the others as I just love how it makes my skin look.
I buff this in with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which gives a touch more coverage than when applied with my hands. I really do believe that this does do what it says in regards to blurring out imperfections. I find I only need a touch of concealer, with Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer being my personal choice. I find the finish is lovely and dewy without leaving my skin oily. As my skin has been extremely dehydrated and slightly drier than usual throughout the Winter months, this really does keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, whilst lasting a pretty decent time too.
I bought this from Boots when it was 1/3 off, making it £12 rather than the original price of £18. I believe that the 1/3 off offer is still on in Boots so make sure you check it out if you're interested in buying this!

Laura Mercier Oil-free Tinted Moisturiser:

Out of the dozens of tinted moisturisers that I have tried, this has to be the only one I have actually liked. Every tinted moisturiser I have tried before has made my skin looks pink/red, felt disgusting on the skin and have no coverage at all. The shade range is huge, making it easy to find your perfect match. This is one the pricey side at £33, which made me consider buying this for a while but I can definitely justify the price now. The coverage is lightly more than the average tinted moisturiser and the Dr Jart BB cream that I discussed above. The consistency is rather foundation-like, with it being quite a bit thicker than the average tinted moisturiser but thinner than a BB cream. I buff this in with the trusty Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which again gives a touch more coverage than when applying with hands. The finish is dewy and light reflective (but with no shimmer particles thankfully), but with a light dusting of powder, with Rimmel Stay Matte being my powder of choice, my oily patches are kept at bay. A pea-sized amount buffed into moisturised skin, a touch of concealer on blemishes and under eye circles finished with a light dusting of powder equals my everyday face.

MAC Face and Body foundation:

I'd like to start by having a rant about the price of this going up by a ridiculous amount. I was so annoyed to find that the 120ml bottle has gone up to £26 from  around £20-£20.50 and now they do a 50ml version for £20.50. How does that work?! Although the smaller bottle is better as it's almost impossible to get through 120ml before it goes off but to sell a product under half of it's size for the same price then boost up the price of the original seems ridiculous. I don't think I will buy it again as I'm really irritated by it.

Rant aside, I do think this is a lovely product. It's extremely build-able so if one layer isn't enough coverage, two or three other layers can be added to give a more medium coverage without creating a cakey mess. This is water based and has no spf, which makes it a really good choice for nights out or when you know that flash photography will be used as there will be no flashback. 
I like using this for nights out if I don't want to apply fake tan to my arms, legs etc. It kind of gives the effect that Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It looks as if you're wearing tights and doesn't transfer onto clothes which is so nice as it's so quick to apply and lasts all night. 

As a foundation, this gives a lovely dewy/glowy effect to the skin and I do find that it lasts all day. I need to dust some powder onto my t-zone after application and maybe again after a few hours, but other than that, it lasts pretty well all day. 

What are your sheer base picks? I'd love to know what your favourites are.


  1. Cute Blog!


  2. I need to get into the routine of wear lighter face make up. I don't cake it on but I do wear foundation most days and I think it would be better for my skin to wear something lighter. I want to try the Laura Mericer Tinted Moisturiser and heard great things about it apparently gives good coverage for a moisturiser x

    1. My skin really is better since I've been wearing lighter bases! I find my skin goes really weird and cakey with any foundation that isn't light coverage for some reason!:( definitely give Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser a go, it has quite good coverage!x

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  4. I couldn't work out the mac shades on tht foundation, there different.. 100th follower :)

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  5. Very cute blog, just started to follow on blogloving.
    I agree with your posts about LM Tinted, it is gorgeous!
    I love it on my skin.
    I'm not sure how long it will last in actual summer months.
    How do you feel about the use of this product for oily/combo skins during warmer months?



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