Friday, 23 November 2012

Too Faced Naked Eye palette

After reading a ridiculous amounts of reviews of Urban Decay's the Naked palette, I thought I was convinced enough to take the plunge and spend all my pennies. But every time the opportunity arose, I always held back. I mean just over £30 for eye shadow? I've only ever once paid that for a foundation, which I think is a bit more reasonable. But that amount of money for eye shadow? Although I would love one and it would have been popping up on my Christmas list, I have found an amazing alternative, which I bought for around £10 on a blog sale. I bought it un-used for £10! That's amazing considering this palette is currently £20.80 on Beauty Bay.

First of all, I do apologise for the state of the packaging! The black smudges everywhere due to the material of the packaging, so when you try to wipe it off, it makes it worse :(

The thing I love most about this palette, is the diversity of the colours. I can do a variety of looks with this, whether it be a soft neutral, smoky neutral or a smoky eye. Majority of the colours are amazing quality, I say this because the lighter shades, 'Pink Cheeks' and 'In The Buff' are a tiny bit chalky, but only if layered up too much. Admittedly  these aren't the shades I lean towards anyway. Apart from those shades, the shadows are buttery soft and really nicely pigmented. They aren't too pigmented in that they are hard to work with.

The shades I use the most are-
If I'm going for a daytime, neutral look I will go for 'Satin Sheets' all over the lid and 'Birthday Suit' blended out to the crease.
If I want a neutral eye that is slightly smoky/suitable for night time, I will go for 'Lap Dance' all over the lid with 'Like A Virgin' through the crease and 'Unmentionables' blended across the outer half of the lid.
If I want a smoky eye look I'll use 'Unmentionables' across the lid, 'Like A Virgin' in the crease and  'Stiletto' to line the lid.

Overall, I think this palette is an incredibly good buy for me as I've had so much use out of it. I think it has fulfilled my need for a new neutral palette. Have you tried this palette? I would be interested to know if you have tried the Urban Decay Naked palette and wondering if you think it is worth the money?

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  1. I'm not sure I would pay all that money, as the colours are very similar, however I am l.oving the birthday suit colour :)


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