Saturday, 10 November 2012

My current skincare favourites

I'm finally going to start blogging regularly again. I've managed to create a time table for all my work and revision etc so I can finally make time to do more blogging, which I'm very happy about!

Here's a few bits of skincare that I'm loving at the moment.

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water:

This cleansing water has completely changed my skincare routine. I use this with Kleenex Facial Cloths, just putting a pump or two onto the cotton cloth. Without stating the obvious, I wipe this across my entire face, avoiding my eyes- although I think it would be sensitive enough to use on eye make-up I just have very sensitive eyes! This cleansing water just completely melts your make-up off and leaves skin feeling so clean and fresh. It says on the back that it tightens pores,which I agree with as my skin doesn't look shiny and plumped, it just feels incredibly cleansed. Although it mattifies it definitely doesn't dry out my combination skin. I find the patches of my skin that tend to  lean to dry, are simply cleansed and fine after applying moisturiser, which is normal for my skin. I tend to use this to removed my make-up before using a cleanser such as Liz Earle or Nspa hot cloth cleanser or a melting gel cleanser which I adore (both reviewed here and here). It says on the front that it is "1 simple step to perfectly clean, refreshed, shine free skin" I believe that this statement completely sums up this product and if I'm a bit tired after a night out or just feeling incredibly lazy, I just use this and slap on some moisturiser then off to bed I go.

Simple Kind To Eyes eye make-up remover:

I actually believe myself when I say that this is the one and only eye make-up remover I will ever use. I say this because every single eye make-up remover lotion stings my eyes like acid. I didn't even think I had sensitive eyes but having tried way too many, I have figured out that nothing compares to this gentle but 'really does the job' formulation. One of the many reasons that I adore this is the fact that it contains no oils. I don't know about you but I absolutely hate having that greasy feeling that seems to spread across your whole entire face and is nearly impossible to get rid of. It actually makes me shudder just thinking about my experiences with them.. The formula has 'pro-vitamin B5' which is said to actively restore, soften and smooth skin. It also has no perfume, colouring or harsh chemical that causes sensitive skin to react. I just find that this is so gentle that it is like putting water on my eyes, well water that removes a ton of heavy eye make-up in one swipe.   I will be repurchasing this until I die okay?

Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz:

Like most people are doing their skincare routine, I enjoy the feeling of my skin being completely fresh and clean. I feel that before this toning spritz, I didn't really feel as refreshed as I would have liked. This little beauty has completely shaken up my skincare routine. I like to use this between cleansing and moisturising in the morning as I feel like it really does brighten my skin and makes me feel refreshed. The fact that this is 100% organic and that it has been compared to Caudalie Beauty Elixir completely drew me into buying this product. In all honesty, I didn't really fancy spending money on something so hyped up when essentially it seemed like a bottle of strange smelling water. I'm extremely glad that I didn't get too drawn into that hype as I really love this toner and it now has a firm place in my skincare routine. I know some people spritz this over their make-up throughout the day to freshen up their make-up, I personally haven't tried this as I have the impression that the spray wouldn't really be fine enough. But I love this little gem and I will definitely be repurchasing.

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream, Normal/Oily:

I absolutely adore no7 day creams and I have for years but surprisingly this was actually my first time purchasing one. The reason for this is that I've been 'borrowing' my mother's for years- it's the best way! But as my mum decided to buy one for her skin type which is dry rather than Essential Moisture one that I 'borrowed', I thought it was time to buy my own. I have nothing to say about this product other than I think it's the loveliest moisturiser ever. It is the perfect consistency. I feel like most brands make their moisturisers that are targeted at an 'oily' skinned audience too thin, which usually isn't moisturising enough for my combination skin. This cream isn't too thick nor too thin, meaning it gives me plenty of moisture without creating a greasy film on my skin welcoming spots. What's not to love really? Everyone loves a classic.

It feels like this post has been quite lengthy which I usually hate, but I feel like I had a lot to say about these products and it's better to have it all in one place. What are your skincare favourites at the moment? I'd love to have a chat with you about them. :)


  1. I love the Botanics spray, it smells amazing and makes your face feel so refreshed! Simple is great too, the first cleansing and toning set I ever owned! I love that it genuinely is good to your skin. Anyway enough of me rambling on, thanks for sharing!

    Efia @


    1. I completely agree! It shows that good quality skin care can be affordable. :) xxx

  2. Ive been looking for a rosewater toning spray everywhere. Obviously didn't look hard enough! Its so good for your skin, my grandma's swore by it for years.

    Love the simple makeup range too, ive got the cleanser but my eye makeup doesnt seem to budge with it so might have to buy this too.

    1. It feels lovely on your skin and is full of natural ingredients so you should definitely give this one a try!
      Cleansers don't really work for me at removing eye make-up either so have a look at this one, it's so gentle!xxx

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