Monday, 12 November 2012

Everyone loves a good freebie.

These beautiful little freebies are from various magazines such as Glamour and Instyle as well as from the Benefit counter with purchases. I love the Benefit freebies, simply because they have soo much product in them- especially Benetint and High Beam. They really do give you a true indicator of whether or not the product is for you, when let's face it you will be spending quite a lot of money if you buy the full size. From these freebies, I'm now able to say whether I would buy any of these products in full size, I haven't actually ever owned the full size of any of these before. So here goes a mini review of each..

Benefit High Beam-
I seem to remember picking this up in Glamour magazine a good few months back, this was a perfect freebie for me because Glamour is my all time favourite magazine so I wasn't just buying it for the freebie which is always a bonus! This has lasted me forever because you only need a tiny amount at a time as little goes a long way. At first, I applied this to my cheek bones, along my nose and my brow bone, but for some reason it doesn't really blend into the skin/foundation very well on the cheeks. After a bit of playing with this, I found this is much better as a brow bone highlight as it really does lift up the brow bone, as it is quite vibrant yet subtle. I sometimes dab a bit along the tip of my nose, but I leave the cheeks for another highlighter. I also like putting this on the high points of my face- cheeks, forehead, nose, brow bone etc underneath my foundation to act as a brightening primer which works wonders if your skin is looking a bit dull. I wonder how long the full size would last as this is probably like a quarter of the size of the full sized bottle and I am no where near to finishing it! Once this is all gone (if I ever get through it!) I will definitely be buying the full size as it is great value for the amount you get.

Benefit Benetint-
I got this a few weeks ago in Instyle magazine, I was after Sunbeam but Benetint was the only one left. Rather than searching other shops in the hope of finding Sunbeam, I thought it was best to settle with Benetint as I hadn't tried that either. To say I was disappointed by this would be wrong, but I'm not exactly blown away. I don't really know what I was expecting but as this is quite a beauty cult favourite, I was expecting quite impressive results. I first tried this on my lips which was a bit mistake.. I don't think I have particularly dry lips, although the lip tints I have tried (with the exception of balm stains) have failed miserably on my lips. This just seemed to dry my lips out instantly after applying it. My lips almost 'shrivelled' up if you will. Oh what a lovely image of myself I am painting here... I attempting it on my cheeks but I haven't quite mastered the technique yet I'm afraid, I think this shade would suit my complexion as a cheek stain so I will have a play and report back!

Benefit Porefessional-
I was quite impressed with how this minimised my pores tremendously but as a primer, I didn't really feel as if it made my make-up stay on longer than it did before. I'm unsure to whether I like the feel of this consistency on my skin or not as it's quite strange as it is a silicone based primer. I know lots of people swear by this but I think it's good, but nothing that I will be frantically running to my nearest Benefit counter to buy any time soon. At £23.50, I think that this is very overpriced for what it is, as are a lot of Benefit's products which is a shame. After giving this a go, I don't think I'll be buying the full size any time soon.

Benefit 'That Gal'-
This brightening primer really is lovely. To me the scent reminds me of strawberry Chewits sweets. Anyone? It's a pinky colour and quite thin in consistency, which at first I thought was rather odd but it really does brighten up the face and gives you a healthy, radiant glow. At £21.50 a pop, I don't think I will be picking the full size up any time soon as although it does brighten, I didn't really notice much difference in the longevity of my foundation which is essentially what it should do for the price.

I'm pretty sure the Benefit freebie InStyle issue is still out at the moment, but it won't be for much longer so make sure you get your hands on it if you would like to try Sunbeam, Benetint or Cha cha tint!

I think I'm going to start doing posts that tell you what freebies are out each month so nobody misses out on a good bargain. Let me know if any of you would be interested in those kind of posts. I'd love it if you could tell me what your favourite Benefit product is?
p.s apologies for the poor photo quality, it will be fixed soon


  1. I love porefessional! I don't think it helped my makeup stat on longer but I really think it helped my pores too :) xx

    1. I'm not really sure if I like it or not:/ It does wonders for my pores but I don't really like the feel of it on my skin xx

  2. I have all of these freebies, they're all fab! xx

    1. There really is nothing better than a Benefit freebie!xx

  3. I always manage to miss the magazine freebies! I was gutted a couple of months ago when the Benefits Porefessional was going free and I swear I just walked around with my eyes closed!

    Lindsey. x

    1. A lot of people have said the same thing so I'm definitely considering writing a post saying what freebies are out every few weeks :) xx


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