Saturday, 1 September 2012

How I managed to survive Reading Festival

I've been completely out of touch with blogging recently.. because last Wednesday I went to Reading Festival for five days and I left with a rather annoying cold. Aside from making me ill, Reading was amazing! Being a lover of all things beauty related, I wasn't sure how well I would cope with the whole camping situation. Thankfully for me, these products helped me out a lot:

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical- The first item that almost everyone will scream is an essential for a festival, (aside from baby wipes of course) is dry shampoo. This little miracle in a can is able to fight oily hair whilst add an ounce of volume to your bounce all in one spray. The talcum powder-like spray absorbs oil which is essential for when you cannot wash your hair in a festival. P.S- I know many of you will think that you will just wash your hair in the showers, but trust me I doubt you will bother as the conditions are just as bad as the toilets- VILE. Everyone ends up looking a little less than perfect after day two anyway so you won't even care.

Sure Maximum Protection deodorant- Another must have is deodorant. I don't really feel the need to explain why this is necessary but I've read quite a lot about this particular deodorant, it's quite different to a normal deodorant but it works amazingly as far as a deodorant review goes.

Berocca- Perfect for waking you up and giving you vitamins when you're hungover- works a treat!

Garnier BB Cream- This gives me light coverage and does not require a moisturiser which is ideal for when you're trying to pack light. Aside from all the other benefits BB creams hold for your skin, this just feels really nice on the skin and wears well.

Sleek contour kit- Two-in-one products are ideal for festivals. The bronzer and highlighter compact is perfect for travelling and also has a generous sized mirror to use when applying make-up or doing your hair.

L'oreal Studio Matt & Messy salt spray- My hair didn't look greasy due to the dry shampoo, but after a day or two my curls dropped and my hair looked limp and boring. A few sprays of this throughout the ends of my hair whilst twirling a few pieces around my fingers and scrunching a little did the trick nicely.

Bright lipsticks- Having a bright lip colour makes your whole face look so much better when you haven't got the time to do full eye make-up. Also a bright, vibrant colour is fun to wear in the festival atmosphere.

Benefit Coralista- I adore this blusher. It is the most gorgeous shade ever and is so incredibly easy to work with. The colour instantly brightens the face and it is a virtually fuss free product.

Did you go to a festival? What were your essentials?


  1. Batiste dry shampoo is so amazing, I would be lost without it! I went camping this summer and like you, it got me through it! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog -

    1. That stuff is an absolute god send! I'd be lost without it! Yeah sure:) xx


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