Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Little Bubble CO Vanilla Biscuit bath & shower gel

The Little Bubble CO range is exclusively sold at Boots stores. They describe themselves as "A very randomly lovely brand of bath and body treats". Their 'mission' is to "work hard to make bathrooms 100% more bubbly." They describes their products as "delicious scents, creamy skin-softening bubbles and bumper 500ml bottles make our products utterly delightful to use. Suitable for the whole family, our paraben-free formulations are scented with allergen-free fragrances, to make your skin smile." I can honestly say that I 100% agree with their statements. I don't think I have ever enjoyed using up a bubble bath & shower gel as much as I have with this little beauty;

First off, the main thing that sticks out of this product for me is the scent. It is the most gorgeous scent ever. It is so sweet and just amazing, it's one of those scents that you can remember just by thinking of the product. Aside from the amazing smell, the product itself is absolutely amazing. It foams amazingly just from a tiny bit and leaves your skin feeling super-soft and lovely for ages. I adore using this in the bath and the shower. This is my second bottle and I can honestly say that I don't think I will be buying any other shower gel/bubble bath ever again.

At the bargain price of £2.99 for a 500ml bottle, you really cannot go wrong. The other scents that I have spotted but are yet to try are 'Strawberry Sundae' and 'Coconut Creme'. All at £2.99 a bottle! I will definitely be trying out the other scents to see if they can compare to my all time favourite! The first time I tried this shower gel, my boyfriend kindly treated me to it. After we got home and he smelt it, I discovered it in his bathroom and I didn't get to use any of it because he ended up loving it. "It just smells SO GOOD!" he said, he ended up buying me two more bottles just so he could keep mine. I've also spotted my brothers having a sneaky sniff of this and they were very impressed.

This is now my holy grail shower gel and bubble bath. With the price, quality and scent of this product, I think it would be very hard to find one I like better. I really hope that they expand their line of products and create body butters to match every scent.

Have you tried any of The Little Bubble co products? What did you think?

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