Thursday, 19 July 2012

make-up wishlist

make-up wishlist

make-up wishlist 
This is the make-up that I am currently lusting after. Obviously being a student I cannot afford to purchase all of these but a girl can dream! I'm visiting London for a spot of shopping next week so I may have to choose a few for a cheeky purchase!
YSL Shocking Mascara- I am in need of a new mascara as I'm almost out of my current one (Urban Decay). I haven't tried many high end mascaras and I've heard great things about this mascara so I might have to give it a go!
Essie Ballet Slippers- I'm such a sucker for cute pink nails! I don't own any shades that are similar to this one and I adore the milky pink shade.
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser- I'm in desperate need in finding a tinted moisturiser that actually works! I've tried a ridiculous amount of high street/drug store versions but am yet to find one that doesn't make my face look stupidly red or provide no coverage what-so-ever. I've heard such amazing things about this tinted moisturiser and being a fan of light coverage, I'm desperate to give this a go.
YSL Touche Eclat foundation- This foundation has completely exploded all over the blogger-sphre recently and being a complete sucker for every cult beauty product I'm dying to give this a try. I'll definitely be picking up a sample next time I'm by the counter.
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle- I've recently been loving mineralise highlighters since the one I've been trying out in my Skin Finish Natural & Shimmer. I know this is quite a popular shade so I'd like to try it.
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler- I'm still contemplating whether this is a tad overpriced for an eyelash curler.. But from what I've heard it's definitely worth every penny. I had absolutely no problem using the eyelash curler I previously owned (unbranded, from a drugstore in Spain) until the handle completely fell off.. I used to think an eyelash curler was just simply, an eyelash curler. But apparently not.
Benefit Coralista lipgloss- I am absolutely in love with Benefit Coralista box powder blush. It is just the most beautiful colour ever. I'm excited to try this and see if I love it as much as the blush!
Benefit Beautiful Eyes eye shadow palette- I've already gone through one of these. I abosolutely adored using it! Although I wasn't the biggest fan of Boi-ing concealer that was inside it (I used it all up so couldn't have been THAT bad) , the colours make the colour of my blue eyes stand out amazingly and they just work really really well. It took a long while to use this up (minus the concealer that was gone within a month or so). I'd definitely snap another one of these up as it's also so handy for travelling.

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  1. I'm also desperate to try the YSL mascara! I'm off on holiday next week so i'm hoping for duty free prices ;)
    Love your layout! x


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